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Fall In Love With A New Appearance

As summer winds down, fall swiftly comes in for the season of leaves, pumpkin spice latte, and possibly plastic surgery. As leaves are changing, so should you, it’s time to fall in love with a new you in this new time of season.

Do you feel the need to cosmetically enhance your imperfections in this time of season? Don’t worry, you’re not alone as men and women begin the season of facial enhancements. Plastic surgery in Inland Empire waits for those who are ready to start the season with a big bang. Luckily, here at Terracina Surgical Arts, we provide one of the best facelifts in the Inland Empire for all types of patients. Together, we will go over our custom procedure in facelifts for this right time of season.Fall Season Face Lift Terracina

What is a Facelift?

 Rhytidectomy, or most commonly known as a facelift, is a procedure for cosmetic surgery in Inland Empire where we offer at our facility. Rhytidectomy involves an operation in skin-tightening treatments alongside the removal of sagging tissues in your cheeks, forehead, chin, etc. Terracina Surgical Arts offers a facelift with corresponding treatments to overall augment a satisfying facial rejuvenation treatment.

Facelift Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

3 Reasons to Fall in Love With Terracina Surgical Art Facelifts 

  1. Look Young Once Again. With all the excess skin wrinkles and saggy face tissue, a facelift can alleviate all concerns once treated. Immediately you’ll see results with a brand new, young-looking face.
  2. Deep Facial Creases No More. It’s already annoying as is when you’re confident with a new fall look but struggle to feel confident in your own skin, let alone deep creases showing along your face. Rhytidectomy reduces facial creases (nasolabial folds) between the mouth and nose to brighten a new look for the fall season.
  3. Alleviate Skin Wrinkles Around Your Neck, Chin, Jawline, etc. Facelifts aren’t just for the cheekbones and forehead alone; facelift can help diminish wrinkles anywhere else around the face. Don’t settle for small fixes here and there but transition to an ultimate new you with facelifts all around.Older Woman Face Lift

Procedures With Facelifts 


  • Blepharoplasty(Eyelid Surgery): If you’ve had long nights or stress over work, relationships, and life then it’s a common understanding of your eyes resulting in puffiness and wrinkles around them. It’s one of the most common procedures correlated with facelifts, blepharoplasty offers a treatment in eliminating all wrinkles surrounding tired eyes.
  • Brow and Forehead Lift: Do you fret over the lines above your forehead and brow? Alongside a facelift, receive a brow and forehead lift to bury those worrisome wrinkles away.
  • Liposuction: Also known as one of the most popular procedures a patient undergoes, Liposuction perfectly complements any form of a facelift to help increase your confidence. Liposuction slims down one’s stomach and reshapes it to a patient’s ideal body image by eliminating excess fat.

New Season, New YouFacelift Closeup Final Results

 It can be difficult to find the right plastic surgeon in Inland Empire; luckily, Terracina Surgical Arts provides one of the top surgeons in the area. We care about our patients feeling the utmost importance while also maintaining up to par service. Begin this new season with a facelift by contacting us today!


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Are You Looking for a Nose Job in the Inland Empire?

Nose job surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is a surgery that is performed to alter the appearance of the nose with the goal of enhancing facial harmony and the proportional relationships of the facial features.  This is one of the more invasive, yet functional, cosmetic surgeries that many people will undergo at some point in their lives.  So, when deciding where to get your rhinoplasty done, it is very important to consider as many doctors as possible and see what each one of them has to say about your case.  Especially in the Southern California area, there are almost too many options to choose from as far as plastic surgeons are concerned.

alt text


However, we are here to tell you that you have come to the right place.  If you are in the Southern California area and are looking to receive a nose job, look no further than Terracina Surgical Arts in the Inland Empire.  Terracina is run by the exceptional Dr. Punjabi, along with his amazing team of associates and technicians.  Dr. Punjabi has many years of experience in performing nose jobs, and he has provided countless patients with the nose of their dreams throughout the years.  Whether you’re looking to go bigger, smaller, have a change in shape, or are having a respiratory problem, Dr. Punjabi will be able to help you reach whatever your end goal may be.  Plus, all of these amazing services and more are available to everyone right here in the Inland Empire.

People elect to undergo rhinoplasty for many different reasons.  One of the most common of these, however, is obstructed airways.  Airway obstruction cases are ones that require more careful evaluation than cosmetic cases, being that these are directly related to the nasal structure.  This is in stark contrast to cosmetic cases, which are typically done due to a dislike of the shape or appearance of the nose.

Before undergoing your nose job here in the Inland Empire, Dr. Punjabi will ask you stop smoking for at least six weeks prior to the procedure.  Taking this step will promote more efficient healing.  You will also need to stop taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, along with any herbal medications that may increase bleeding.  Hydration is also extremely important to help increase your chances of a safe and speedy recovery.

Medications will be administered for your comfort during the procedure.  General anesthesia is commonly used, although local or intravenous anesthesia may be more desirable, depending on the case.  For your assured safety during surgery, multiple monitors will be used in order to keep track of your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.  Depending on the type of work that needs to be done and how much work needs to be done, your rhinoplasty may utilize either a closed or an open technique.  Incisions for closed rhinoplasties are made entirely on the inside of the nose whereas open rhinoplasties require additional small incisions made on the underside of the nose on the skin between the nostrils.  The nasal skin will then be separated from the underlying bone and cartilage and the existing framework will be given a new shape.  Here at Terracina, we focus not only on the shape, but also on the function of the nose.  So, upon altering the shape, we will make sure that you will still be able to breathe normally and will not have any post-surgical obstruction.

After your rhinoplasty is completed, you will be taken into the recovery room where your conditions will be closely monitored, and you will be discharged when you are sufficiently recovered.  There will be a splint placed on the outside of your nose to help support the new shape as you go through the healing process.  A nasal splint or packing may also be placed in the nostrils to provide any necessary additional support.  The packings will be removed after about four to seven days after surgery, and the splint and additional bandages will be removed in seven to ten days.

alt text


As you go through the healing process, you should expect bruising, swelling, and some discomfort.  Your face overall will be swollen, and the areas specifically around your eyes and nose will be darkly bruised.  This swelling and bruises typically will mostly dissipate within the first ten to fourteen days.  You may need to make sure that you keep your head elevated and as still as possible for the first few days after your procedure.  If necessary, Dr. Punjabi will prescribe pain medication to help you manage any severe discomfort you may be having.  He may also instruct you to limit your physical activity for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

It is extremely important that you listen closely to all of the post-rhinoplasty instructions you are given by Dr. Punjabi.  If you do not pay attention to and execute your post-operative care the way you are told, you may experience serious complications and your end result may not be what you were hoping for.  Keep in mind that minor swelling of the nose can occur for up to a year after surgery, so if you experience this, there is no need to fear of a serious complication, for it is fairly normal for this to be the case.

Dr. Punjabi has given many people the nose of their dreams and has improved their breathing throughout his extensive career in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  So, if you’re in Southern California and thinking about getting a nose job, look no further than Terracina Surgical Arts.  Our amazing team is right here in the Inland Empire to help you finally get the nose you’ve always wanted.  Visit our website and give us a call today to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Punjabi and the rest of the Terracina team.


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Are You Looking for Breast Implants in the Inland Empire?

Searching for the best plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant surgery can be extremely intimidating, especially in the Southern California area.  There are so many doctors, all claiming that they’re the best and that they provide the greatest services in the area.  However, before picking the first doctor you feel somewhat confident with, it is important to remember that it is your body and your health that is potentially at stake here.  So, it is much better to have multiple doctors you are comfortable with and then have a meeting or consultation with each of those doctors.  This way, you can be absolutely sure that the one you have chosen to perform your surgery is the best fit for you.

If you are in the Southern California area and looking to have breast augmentation surgery, take a look at the premier services we have to offer here at Terracina Medical Arts.  Located in the Inland Empire, Terracina Surgical Arts has many procedures in plastic and cosmetic surgery, with breast augmentation being one of them.  Dr. Anil Punjabi of Terracina has many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries, and we know you will have a positive surgical experience and the results of your dreams upon visiting us.  To learn more about how to receive the best breast implant surgery in the Inland Empire, keep reading.

alt text


Here at Terracina Surgical Arts, we understand that it is natural for many women to consider undergoing breast augmentation at some point in their lives.  Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s weight loss, or maybe you’re post-pregnancy and post-breast feeding.  Whatever your case may be, Dr. Punjabi and the rest of the Terracina team is here to help you reach your goals and give you the appearance you’ve always wanted.  Even if your desired breast surgery is a reduction or a reconstruction, we are also able to provide you with these services – and they’re all right here in the Inland Empire.

When you come in for your breast implant consultation with Dr. Punjabi, you will have a deep and thorough discussion with him about your personal goals and desires in undergoing the surgery.  After Dr. Punjabi has a well-rounded understanding, he will be able to make his recommendations and develop a treatment plan that works best for you and your personal needs.  You will be explained everything you need to know about the cost, the specifics of how the procedure is performed, and the potential risks associated with the procedure.  A physical examination will also take place to ensure you are in a good state of health. Then, a custom surgical plan will be created based on all of the existing factors.  This custom surgical plan will include everything from where incisions are placed to how the implant is inserted into the breast.

The breast implant procedure itself starts by Dr. Punjabi making a short incision of about one inch around the areola, along the crease of the breast, or in the armpit area.  These incisions will help to create a pocket in which the implant will sit.  Once the implants are in the desired position, all incisions will be closed and the necessary bandages and dressings are applied.

The breast augmentation surgery lasts about one hour to ninety minutes, with post-op recovery room time going anywhere from one to two hours.  After the recovery room time is up, you will be sent home, as long as the team thinks you are ready and able to go home.  During the first two days post-procedure, you should expect moderate amounts of discomfort; this will be able to be controlled via prescription pain medication.  You may also experience pain when performing actions such as lifting the arms or transitioning from a lying to a sitting position, or from a sitting to a standing position.  Bruising and swelling is also very common throughout the first few days post-surgery.  It is important to remember that you need to limit your activity during this point of your recovery and be patient to ensure the healing process goes smoothly and has no induced complications.

alt text


After your breast implant surgery, you will come in to see Dr. Punjabi in the Inland Empire for your post-operative visit within one or two days.  Your dressings will be removed and you will then be fitted with a specialty bra that you will need to wear for the following weeks.  The majority of patients feel that they are ready to return to moderate work within just a few days of their surgery, though variations in healing between individuals is common.  You should expect to tire more easily than usual throughout the beginning stages of your healing process; so, it is important to avoid strenuous activity to avoid injury and causing potential complications.  After the first several days, you should also find that your swelling has gone down significantly, and you may feel ready to resume your normal body routine.  As your body heals, you will start to see your true results; you will find that your breasts appear younger, lifted, and have a more appealing shape.

So, what are you waiting for?  The appearance of your dreams is only a phone call and a consultation away.  Come visit Terracina Surgical Arts in the Inland Empire to get more information about your breast implant surgery.

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Are You Looking For a Tummy Tuck in the Inland Empire?

Are you amongst the millions of people looking to get rid of that seemingly indestructible excess abdominal skin and fat?  Maybe your goal is to regain your slim, pre-baby body; maybe you’d like to tighten up that residual loose skin and muscle from your weight loss journey; maybe you’re simply aging.  Many people try just about anything to get rid of their excess abdominal skin – everything from diet to exercise to harmful supplements to the “flat tummy” detox teas and juices.

alt text

However, there is an alternative solution.  Abdominoplasty (more widely known as a tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure done to correct these stubborn byproducts of life and natural aging.  This procedure is twofold.  The excess abdominal skin and fat is removed, and then the structure is repaired by tightening the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.  If you’ve ever heard of the term “Mommy Makeover,” this is the step that plays the lead role in the comprehensive procedure.  It is extremely common for both men and women, with 2016 bringing in almost 182,000 total tummy tucks, making it number three on the list of most performed surgical procedures last year.  At Terracina Surgical Arts Center, we pride ourselves in providing clients with the most advanced techniques, making for a comfortable and minimally invasive session in the OR with a swift and strong recovery to follow.

Terracina Medical Arts Center’s high reputation and standard of quality can be attributed to Dr. Anil Punjabi.  His eighteen years of experience in conjunction with his dual licensing in both medicine and dentistry make him one of the most distinguished and well-renowned plastic surgeons, not only in the Inland Empire, but all of Southern California.  Dr. Punjabi is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  He runs his Redlands practice with extensive clinical experience, surgical expertise, modern technique, and a strong value for delivering the best and most effective patient care possible.

alt text

The tummy tuck procedure itself is carried out on an outpatient basis.  This essentially means that the patient will have the surgery done at the practice or a local hospital and will likely not be admitted for an extended stay.  This does vary depending on the patient and his or her specific needs, but on a general basis, there is no need for overnight stays.  The surgery is done using general anesthesia.  Under general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and unable to feel any pain.  This may also vary depending on the patient and the case, with the alternative being local anesthesia and sedation.  The procedure then begins with a supra-pubic incision going from hip to hip.  The second incision is made to separate the navel from its surrounding tissues.  The skin is lifted and the midline abdominal muscles are brought back together.  The muscles are tightened, and any excess skin in the general area is trimmed.  The bellybutton will then be repositioned slightly higher on the abdomen, creating a more youthful appearance on the torso.  The ultimate goal is to have a tight, defined abdomen with no surplus of skin.

alt text

Dr. Punjabi’s goal is to offer the best tummy tuck in Inland Empire with affordable cost options. Email or call us to explore how affordable your tummy tuck surgery can be.

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