Products: Scar Reduction Redlands CA

How do Scars form?

When our skin is damaged many cells come to the rescue! Some clean up, others make collagen to fill the cut. The collagen is like cement filling the space between two bricks, only this cement has to fill the gap and move at the same time!

Nature has handled this by intentionally making too much collagen and melting some of it as we heal. If we don’t melt enough of it in this natural process of molding, a thick scar results.


Scarguard ScarCare Covering the scar. This was the original approach and for a long time, the only approach to the problem.

Topical silicone is the basis of most scar products that doctors have recommended since the early 1980′s. An ingredient in makeup, hairspray and many many other products that we use every day, doctors believe it is safe and effective in improving scar appearance.

Cortisone has many beneficial effects. A component of many non-prescription products for skin conditions such as eczema, sunburns and diaper rash, it is a known anti-irritant, helping reduce the discomfort often associated with scarring.

Vitamin E is an oil-based vitamin. Controversial, some think it helps improve scar appearance, other do not. We believe that it helps soften the scar as a moisturizer and lubricant at the very least, and is therefore, helpful.

Doctors have recommended silicone, cortisone, dressings and vitamin E for decades.

Until now, they were so difficult to use that patients quit before seeing the benefit.

Scarguard ScarCare combines all of them into an easy to use clear liquid. Painted on overgrown scars it dries within seconds to a nearly invisible flexible film. When used daily, it helps improve the appearance of scars.