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Enhance Your Beauty With a Chemical Peel

Terracina Surgical Arts offers you a variety of procedures to enhance your inner beauty, including a Chemical Peel. This treatment will remove the top layer of your skin, revealing clearer, healthier skin, and it will also increase the penetration of skin treatments such as anti-aging creams and skincare products. If you have acne, this will […]

How Can a Brow Lift Improve Your Face?

If you’re tired of your high forehead and deep worry lines, you may want to consider a brow lift. This surgical procedure will correct the drooping eyebrow and improve the appearance of your eyes and your face. It can also reduce wrinkles on the corners of your eyes. Keep reading to find out the benefits […]

4 Misconceptions About Wisdom and Teeth Extractions

Tooth extractions are fraught with misconceptions. Whether you need a wisdom tooth extracted or believe you have a rotten or broken tooth that needs to be removed, Terracina Surgical Arts is here to dispel some common misconceptions and explain the facts about tooth extractions! 1. Tooth Extraction Recovery Requires Months The tooth extraction procedure may […]

What to Expect When You Get a Broken Jaw

If you have a jaw fracture or broken jaw, you may have questions about what to do and how to treat it. Read on for information on the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for jaw fractures. Ice, X-rays, and other options are also discussed. A fractured jaw can result in severe pain, so contact Dr. […]

5 Things You Need to Avoid After Your Teeth Extraction

Post-procedure diet and physical activity play a big part in the overall recovery from your wisdom and teeth extractions. At Dr. Punjabi’s office, we have developed post-procedure instructions for the first week following your procedure. These include suggestions for drinking lots of water, soft and bland foods, resting, and avoiding hot beverages. Here are some […]

Reasons to Get a Breast Reduction in the Inland Empire

Breasts that are too big for your body are a widely misunderstood condition that might put women’s health at risk in the long run. If you have a family background of bigger breasts or are experiencing neck or back pain as a result of your breasts, you may want to start thinking about breast reduction. […]

Medical Equipment Financing

Ever since we started, our goal has always been to be the best plastic surgery care in the Inland Empire by providing outstanding individualized care for all of our patients. But to achieve our goal we require the use of good and modern medical equipment, which is a significant and expensive investment for any plastic […]

Facts About Breast Reduction You Need to Know

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure for reducing the size of large breasts, proportionating them to the woman’s body. A breast reduction can be performed for cosmetic reasons, health reasons, or physical reasons. The cosmetic surgery procedure reduces the size of a woman’s breasts to reduce pain and discomfort. In some cases, it also […]

Preparation for Dentures

Forget the stress and frustrations of dentures with Terracina Surgical Arts. With our state-of-the-art process, you’ll be able to regain your confidence in no time! Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. Dentures are made of hard materials such as acrylics, metal alloys, or porcelain. They are held in place by your upper and […]

What are Dentures and how do you Maintain Them?

Dentures can give an individual confidence while eating, talking, smiling, and even laughing. If you have suffered from tooth loss or are in the process of getting dental implants- dentures are the stepping stone to your new smile. While there is a multitude of foods it’s not recommended to eat when you have dentures- they […]