What To Know About Mommy Makeovers

Deciding to have children and becoming a mother can lead to some of the most rewarding and transformative years of a woman’s life. However, most mothers can tell you that some of the things it does to your body are not so wonderful. There seems to be a heightened demand for mommy makeovers due to the media and celebrities. We tend to see women who recently just had a baby, and begin to wonder how their baby weight is nowhere to be seen. While most of these individuals we see in our media are celebrities that have dietary restrictions, fitness trainers, and the money for plastic surgery. Wouldn’t it be amazing to jump back that fast after having a baby? Luckily we offer some of the best procedures to get rid of that stubborn baby weight.

Mommy Makeover Consultation

Understanding What A Mommy Makeover Does

Any reputable plastic surgeon will require you to wait at LEAST 6 months after giving birth before you have any invasive surgery. It is best to wait this long so that your abdominal muscles have a chance to fully heal before you have a tummy tuck. Pregnancy often leads to loose skin and damaged muscles in the abdomen, that is why it is much harder to get your pre baby bod back again. Damaged abdominal muscles however can only permanently go away with surgery.

What Is Involved In A Mommy Makeover?

If you are considering getting a mommy makeover, know that your procedures will be personalized during your consultation to reflect your needs. Not all women need to have every procedure that a mommy makeover entails, but the only way to find out is to talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon. With that in mind, here is a list of the mommy makeover procedures that we offer:

● Tummy Tuck: (Abdominoplasty) addresses excess stomach skin. A long incision is made on your lower abdomen along your bikini line, which allows your surgeon to pull the skin and muscle to achieve a flat tummy. This option is great for patients who are looking to reduce their excess fat, sagging skin and stretch marks.

● Breast Augmentation/Lift: To correct reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, a breast augmentation or lift is highly recommended. This procedure helps to restore the lost firmness and elasticity that is lost after pregnancy weight gain and breastfeeding.

● Liposuction: This procedure is used to remove the stubborn fat deposits that wouldn’t go away with just a tummy tuck. Pregnancy tends to make women gain weight in places where they typically wouldn’t gain wait.

Mamommy Makeover procedures

Before Booking A Consultation

After waiting six months or more after giving birth, you will need to make sure that you are meeting all of the following criteria before you can have your mommy makeover.

● Good Overall Health: Most people don’t realize that before you have an invasive surgery, you need to be in good physical health. This includes not smoking, and having your primary doctor clear your health history.

● Healthy Weight: Although you will be losing weight after your procedure/s, it is important that you make note that these surgeries are not weight loss procedures. It is recommended that you weigh no more than 25 pounds over your goal weight before your surgery.

● Budget Accordingly: When you are having so many invasive surgeries at once, you need to keep in mind that it is going to cost more money than just getting one procedure done. These surgeries typically range anywhere from $10,000$20,000.

● Ideally Be Done Having Children: Although this is not strictly necessary, we recommend this because if you were to get pregnant AFTER your surgeries, you would essentially be undoing your results. The skin that was pulled and cut away from your mommy makeover will again be getting stretched out, which will result in revision surgery. A revision surgery is also going to cost you more money and you will have a high risk or scarring as well.

What To Expect For Your Mommy Makeover Recovery After you have completed your mommy makeover surgery, it is now time for your recovery process. This process is not brief, and it usually puts most patients on bed rest for approximately two weeks. Tummy tucks are particularly longer when it comes to recovering; you can expect somewhere near two to three months healing from this surgery because of how invasive it is. It is a requirement that you are not lifting anything more than 25 pounds as this can cause your incisions to open.

Lastly, we want to tell you that your results will not be evident immediately. You will be experiencing swelling in your body as well which is your body’s natural inflammatory response, and this is normal.

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