What to Expect: Breast Implants in Inland Empire

It’s normal and natural to consider doing something about your breasts, whether it’s a reduction, lift, or augmentation. Change in the breast can occur after time whether due to age or weight loss, post-pregnancy, or by simply just feeling self-conscious about your figure. After all, our climate and culture it is expected to have an appealing shape. An appealing breast shape reflects good health and vitality in women. These are just some reasons Dr. Punjabi performs breast implants, breast reductions, and breast reconstructions in the Inland Empire at our Terracina Surgical Arts. As a breast enhancement specialist, Dr. Punjabi has years of experience and is qualified in helping women achieve the look they desire through breast implant surgery.

Dr. Punjabi can help you have larger, firmer, and fuller breasts. Women choose Dr. Punjabi for their breast implant surgery for his skill and dedication to achieving excellent results.


After you come in for your consultation Dr. Punjabi creates a surgical plan for your breast augmentation based on your body size and shape as well as your cosmetic goals. Together, you will decide on several details, including the incision location, implant placement, size of the implant, and the type of implant that is used during surgery.

The breast implant procedure will last approximately an hour to 90 minutes, and you’ll spend about 1-2 hours in recovery before going home. While intravenous anesthesia is Dr. Punjabi’s preferred method for breast implant surgery, he discusses all options that are available to you.

Dr. Punjabi uses a short incision (approximately 1 inch) for most breast augmentation procedures this may be around the areola, along with the crease beneath the breast, or in the pit of your arm. Then Dr. Punjabi will create a pocket in which the implant will sit. Once your breast implants are properly placed, your incisions will be closed and necessary bandages are applied.


During the first 2 days following your procedure, you can expect moderate discomfort you should be able to control with prescribed medication. You may notice pain when you use your arms or get up from a lying or sitting position. You may also see some bruising and swelling which is completely normal in the beginning. It is important to limit your activity during this time and be patient throughout the initial healing to ensure a smooth recovery.