How Can a Brow Lift Improve Your Face?

If you’re tired of your high forehead and deep worry lines, you may want to consider a brow lift. This surgical procedure will correct the drooping eyebrow and improve the appearance of your eyes and your face. It can also reduce wrinkles on the corners of your eyes. Keep reading to find out the benefits you will be getting if you get a Brow Lift at Terracina Surgical Arts!

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that raises the brow and restores a youthful appearance. The procedure usually lasts one to two hours and can even be performed in an office-based surgical suite. An incision is generally made across the top of the head from the front of one ear to the front of the other ear. The forehead and brows are elevated and excess skin is removed. The flap is then sutured. Newer techniques now allow us to perform Forehead Lifting through small incisions in the scalp by using an endoscope and specialized instruments. This accelerates the healing process. Male patients with high forehead hairlines are also likely candidates for this procedure. The results of a brow lift are permanent, but you should note that if you change weight or have an unfavorable appearance, you may need a brow lift again.

It Corrects a High Forehead and Has a Fast Recovery

A brow lift corrects a high forehead by repositioning the bone beneath the brow. This procedure is performed on thousands of patients each year. The results of a brow lift are often quite pleasing. While it can be tricky to see the results right away, patients can wear makeup 2 weeks after surgery.

How Can a Brow Lift Improve Your Face?

It Reduces Wrinkles at The Corners of The Eyes

Many people find the famously called “ laughter lines” or “crow’s feet” really annoying, and they see brow lifting as the right call to do. The area around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, which makes it prone to developing Crow’s Feet. People who often smile have a high likelihood of developing this wrinkle type. The skin around the eye area is thinner than the rest of their faces, so smiling and frowning frequently will result in the skin folding in the area and creating fine lines.

It Improves Jowls

Sagging brows are a common side effect of aging, and the procedure can help you get rid of them for good. Unlike a facelift, a brow lift will restore the natural contours of your face and eliminate jowls. This procedure will also enhance your facial bones and improve the shape of your jawline.

While a brow lift may sound like a drastic solution, it’s a relatively simple procedure. It helps you regain youthful, defined brows and feel more comfortable on your skin. If you want to know more about the solutions Terracina Surgical Arts has to offer you, we are just one call away from you! We want to enhance your beauty and make you feel comfortable and happy with yourself. Contact us today!