Facts About Breast Reduction You Need to Know

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure for reducing the size of large breasts, proportionating them to the woman’s body. A breast reduction can be performed for cosmetic reasons, health reasons, or physical reasons.

The cosmetic surgery procedure reduces the size of a woman’s breasts to reduce pain and discomfort. In some cases, it also removes stretch marks on the skin, it may also remove excess skin that was deposited during pregnancy or weight gain. Here are some facts that you would like to know.

You’ll be Sidelined For a Few Weeks

Women usually return home the same day or the following morning. However, you’ll most certainly be tired and sore afterward, so take a few days off work or school to recover. You’ll be advised to get up and walk around regularly, but you’ll have to wait about a month before engaging in any intense exercise.

You May Lose Some Sensitivity

You will most likely have decreased sensation in your breasts right after surgery. This is perfectly normal and caused by a combination of anesthetics and your body’s natural healing process. This will most likely fade away with time, and the full sensation will return. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The sensations in the nipples, in particular, do not always return to normal. Be sure to speak to your plastic surgeon if a loss of sensation is one of your worries.

Breast Reduction Surgery can Improve your Overall Health

Large breasts, speaking of physical strain, can put pressure on your spine, shoulders, and neck, producing pain and hunching in these places. Breast reduction surgery frequently results in improved posture, self-esteem, fewer skin rashes beneath the breasts, and improved range of motion, which allows patients to exercise more easily.

Your Insurance May Cover Surgery

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery to treat physical issues like back pain or skin problems, some insurance companies will pay some or all of the cost. Before surgery, your doctor can assist you in collecting the necessary information and measurements to send to the insurance company.

Proper Age

Breast development might last until your early twenties. If you have breast reduction surgery before this period, there’s a risk it’ll have to be redone. In addition, adjusting to the surgery throughout the teenage years can be emotionally challenging. For these factors, several insurance plans will not cover the cost of breast reduction if you are under 18.


Every surgery leaves a scar. However, there are several different ways of performing a breast reduction surgery, so you need to talk to your plastic surgeon about where your scars may be situated.

You May Not Find the Exact Cup Size You’re Looking For

This has less to do with breast reduction and more to do with bra manufacturers. Since cup sizes vary by brand and bra type, discussing the procedure in terms of cup size isn’t an exact science. As it is more precise, your plastic surgeon would most likely discuss sizes in terms of grams of breast tissue. While it may be difficult to think in terms of grams rather than cup sizes, it is the tried and proven way of assuring a precise breast reduction to reach your desired appearance.

It Might Affect Breastfeeding

The chances of this happening are highly dependent on the extent of your surgery. Breastfeeding capacity is more likely to be limited in women who receive a significant reduction. Since your plastic surgeon may need to remove some of the milk ducts and glands as part of the breast tissue removal, the amount of milk produced will be reduced. If this is an issue for you, make sure to discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

If you are considering Breast reduction these facts will help you to have an overall look at the surgery. This procedure is a big decision but can greatly improve your quality of life if you have the right surgeon. Terracina Surgical Arts is the right option for you.