Are You Looking for Breast Implants in the Inland Empire?

Searching for the best plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant surgery can be extremely intimidating, especially in the Southern California area.  There are so many doctors, all claiming that they’re the best and that they provide the greatest services in the area.  However, before picking the first doctor you feel somewhat confident with, it is important to remember that it is your body and your health that is potentially at stake here.  So, it is much better to have multiple doctors you are comfortable with and then have a meeting or consultation with each of those doctors.  This way, you can be absolutely sure that the one you have chosen to perform your surgery is the best fit for you.

If you are in the Southern California area and looking to have breast augmentation surgery, take a look at the premier services we have to offer here at Terracina Medical Arts.  Located in the Inland Empire, Terracina Surgical Arts has many procedures in plastic and cosmetic surgery, with breast augmentation being one of them.  Dr. Anil Punjabi of Terracina has many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries, and we know you will have a positive surgical experience and the results of your dreams upon visiting us.  To learn more about how to receive the best breast implant surgery in the Inland Empire, keep reading.

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Here at Terracina Surgical Arts, we understand that it is natural for many women to consider undergoing breast augmentation at some point in their lives.  Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s age, maybe it’s weight loss, or maybe you’re post-pregnancy and post-breast feeding.  Whatever your case may be, Dr. Punjabi and the rest of the Terracina team is here to help you reach your goals and give you the appearance you’ve always wanted.  Even if your desired breast surgery is a reduction or a reconstruction, we are also able to provide you with these services – and they’re all right here in the Inland Empire.

When you come in for your breast implant consultation with Dr. Punjabi, you will have a deep and thorough discussion with him about your personal goals and desires in undergoing the surgery.  After Dr. Punjabi has a well-rounded understanding, he will be able to make his recommendations and develop a treatment plan that works best for you and your personal needs.  You will be explained everything you need to know about the cost, the specifics of how the procedure is performed, and the potential risks associated with the procedure.  A physical examination will also take place to ensure you are in a good state of health. Then, a custom surgical plan will be created based on all of the existing factors.  This custom surgical plan will include everything from where incisions are placed to how the implant is inserted into the breast.

The breast implant procedure itself starts by Dr. Punjabi making a short incision of about one inch around the areola, along the crease of the breast, or in the armpit area.  These incisions will help to create a pocket in which the implant will sit.  Once the implants are in the desired position, all incisions will be closed and the necessary bandages and dressings are applied.

The breast augmentation surgery lasts about one hour to ninety minutes, with post-op recovery room time going anywhere from one to two hours.  After the recovery room time is up, you will be sent home, as long as the team thinks you are ready and able to go home.  During the first two days post-procedure, you should expect moderate amounts of discomfort; this will be able to be controlled via prescription pain medication.  You may also experience pain when performing actions such as lifting the arms or transitioning from a lying to a sitting position, or from a sitting to a standing position.  Bruising and swelling is also very common throughout the first few days post-surgery.  It is important to remember that you need to limit your activity during this point of your recovery and be patient to ensure the healing process goes smoothly and has no induced complications.

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After your breast implant surgery, you will come in to see Dr. Punjabi in the Inland Empire for your post-operative visit within one or two days.  Your dressings will be removed and you will then be fitted with a specialty bra that you will need to wear for the following weeks.  The majority of patients feel that they are ready to return to moderate work within just a few days of their surgery, though variations in healing between individuals is common.  You should expect to tire more easily than usual throughout the beginning stages of your healing process; so, it is important to avoid strenuous activity to avoid injury and causing potential complications.  After the first several days, you should also find that your swelling has gone down significantly, and you may feel ready to resume your normal body routine.  As your body heals, you will start to see your true results; you will find that your breasts appear younger, lifted, and have a more appealing shape.

So, what are you waiting for?  The appearance of your dreams is only a phone call and a consultation away.  Come visit Terracina Surgical Arts in the Inland Empire to get more information about your breast implant surgery.

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