5 Things You Need to Avoid After Your Teeth Extraction

Post-procedure diet and physical activity play a big part in the overall recovery from your wisdom and teeth extractions. At Dr. Punjabi’s office, we have developed post-procedure instructions for the first week following your procedure. These include suggestions for drinking lots of water, soft and bland foods, resting, and avoiding hot beverages. Here are some things you have to avoid after your extraction:

1. Coffee

While it may seem odd to avoid coffee after teeth extraction, you may want to make sure that you avoid it after the first week of the procedure. Your mouth is still pretty sore. Moreover, you may also have sutures left in your mouth. You don’t want to keep these sutures in place for too long, as they can cause your jaw to be stiff. And since caffeine has been shown to thin your blood, it’s best to avoid it right after your extraction.

2. Hot Beverages

After teeth extraction, you may not feel like drinking any hot beverages. Your diet and lifestyle must be changed. It is not uncommon for your life to be out of order for several days following the procedure. Your diet should be lukewarm to warm, and you should drink plenty of water. Drinks with sugar and artificial flavorings should be avoided. If you are not sure what to eat after extraction, try to stick to soft, bland foods that you can chew easily. Stay away from crunchy foods, which could get stuck in the extracted area.

3. Sports Drinks

Many people drink sports drinks to get an energy boost after getting a tooth extraction. However, sports drinks can damage your teeth. They contain sugar that feeds on bacteria and contributes to tooth decay and cavities. These issues can lead to teeth extraction or the need for dental implants. Sports drinks also contain acidic preservatives that eat away at the enamel. These factors are all reasons why you should avoid them.

4. Smoking

If you have recently had a dental extraction, you may be worried about smoking after the procedure. Cigarette smoke contains compounds that harm the gums and teeth. Smoking not only increases the pain at the extraction site but also slows the healing process. Smokers have less oxygen in their blood, which is critical for healing wounds. As a result, smokers should avoid

smoking for at least five days following the procedure to allow the gums to heal and the teeth to grow back properly.

5. Physical Exertion

Following a teeth extraction, most oral surgeons advise patients to refrain from exercise for at least four days. Physical exertion can increase blood pressure, causing a clot to grow in the extraction site and potentially lead to a dry socket. If you can return to exercise within the four-day window, it is highly recommended to do so. If you can, try to do light stretches at home and gradually increase the amount of time you spend on physical activities.

You can have a better recovery experience by avoiding these things. If you are thinking about getting a teeth extraction you must get it with a certified professional like Dr. Punjabi. He will gladly assist you. Schedule an appointment today.